Whose side is your legislator on?

A secretive organization known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been writing legislation which PA legislators have been passing off as their own work. The bills written by ALEC cover virtually every area of public policy, including healthcare, budgeting and tax policy.

The agenda embedded in these bills is about tilting the system toward those with money and power. Through de-regulation of industry, voter suppression and setting up barriers to direct democracy ALEC legislation has greatly influenced the political landscape in many states, including Pennsylvania.

Even some of ALEC’s largest corporate members including Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Intuit, KraftFoods, Mars, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield have abruptly severed ties with the group, as well as their financial support.

Where do your legislators stand?  On the side of the people, or corporations and moneyed interests who are trying to take away our rights?

Find out, then take action!
If they are not a member of ALEC, please thank them for standing with working families. 

If they ARE a member, click here to tell them “It’s time to quit!”


These legislators stand with the people of Pennsylvania and are NOT members of ALEC

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These legislators stand with corporate special interests and ARE members of ALEC

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Fat Cat

*= Formerly affiliated with ALEC. Now courageously saying they are not members of ALEC.

Office  Name Party District
Rep. Boyle, Brendan (D) H170
Rep. Boyle, Kevin (D) H172
Rep. Brennan, Joseph (D) H133
Rep. Briggs, Tim (D) H149
Rep. Brownlee, Michelle (D) H195
Rep. Buxton, Ron (D) H103
Rep. Caltagirone, Tom (D) H127
Rep. Cohen, Mark (D) H202
Rep. Costa, Dom  (D) H21 
Rep. Daley, Peter (D) H49
Rep. Davis, Tina (D) H141
Rep. Deasy, Daniel (D) H27
Rep. DePasquale, Eugene (D) H95
Rep. Dermody, Frank (D( H33
Rep. Everett, Garth (R) H84
Rep. Fabrizio, Florindo (D)  H2 
Rep. Frankel, Dan (D) H23
Rep. Freeman, robert (D) H136
Rep. George, Camille "Bud" (D) H74
Rep. Gerber, Michael (D) H148
Rep. Gibbons, Jaret (D) H10
Rep. Goodman, Neal (D) H123
*Rep. Harhai, Ted (D) H58
Rep. Harkins, Patrick (D) H1
*Rep. Harper, Kate (R) H61
Rep. Hickernell, David (R) H98 
Rep. Hornaman, John (D) H3
Rep. Josephs, Babette (D) H182
*Rep. Keller, William (D) H184
*Rep. Kotik, Nick (D) H45
Rep. Longietti, Mark (D) H7
*Rep. Markosek, Joseph (D) H25
*Rep. Major, Sandra (R) H111
Rep. Matzie, Robert (D) H16
*Rep. Micozzie, Nicholas (R) H163
Rep. Mundy, Phyllis (D) H120
Rep. Murphy, Kevin (D) H113
*Rep. Mustio,Mark (R) H44
Rep. O'Brien, Michael (D) H175
Rep. Pashinski, Eddie Day (D) H121
Rep. Payton, Tony (D) H179
*Rep. Petrarca, Joseph (D) H55
Rep. Ravenstahl, Adam (D) H20
*Rep. Readshaw, Harry (D) H36
Rep. Roebuck, James (D) H188
Rep. Sainato, Christopher (D) H9
Rep. Samuelson, Steve (D) H135
Rep. Santarsiero, Steve (D) H31
Rep. Scavello, Mario (R) H176
Rep. Sturla, Michael (D) H96
*Rep. Thomas, W. Curtis (D) H181
*Rep. Turzai, Mike (R) H28)
Rep. Vitali, Greg (D) H166
Rep. White, Jesse (D) H46

Sen. Blake, John (D) S22
Sen. Boscola, Lisa (D) S18
Sen. Brewster, James (D) S45
*Sen. Corman, Jake (R) S34
Sen. Costa, Jay (D) S43
Sen. Dinniman, Andrew (D) S19
Sen. Erickson, Edwin (R) S26
Sen. Farnese, Lawrence (D) S1
Sen. Ferlo, Jim (D) S38
Sen. Folmer, Mike (R) S48
Sen. Fontana, Wayne (D) S42
*Sen. Greenleaf, Stewart (R) S12
Sen. Hughes, Vincent (D) S7
Sen. Kasunic, Richard (D) S32
Sen. Kitchen Shirley (D) S3
Sen. Leach, Daylin (D) S17
*Sen. Pippy, John (R) S37
Sen. Schwank, Judith (D) S11
Sen. Solobay, Timothy (D) S46
Sen. Stack, Michael (D) S5
Sen Tartaglione, Christine (D) S2
Sen. Vance, Patricia (R) S31
*Sen. Washington, Leanna (D) S4
*Sen. Williams, Anthony (D) S8 
Sen. Wozniak, John (D) S35 
Sen. Yudichak, John (D) S14 


Office    Name    Party     District
Rep. Adolph, William  R 165
Rep. Baker, Matthew   R    68
Rep.  Barrar, Stephen   R   160
Rep.   Bear, John    R      97
Rep. Boback, Karen   R   117
Rep.  Boyd, Scott   R      43
Rep.   Clymer, Paul  R      145
Rep.       Cox, Jim     R     129
Rep.       Day, Gary   R     187
Rep. Delozier, Sheryl      R    88
Rep. Ellis, Brian R 11
Rep.  Evans, John  R    5
Rep. Gabler, Matt   R  75
Rep.  Geist, Richard    R   79
Rep.  Gingrich, Mauree    R   101
Rep.  Godshall, Robert     R   53
Rep.  Grell, Glen      R      87
Rep.  Grove, Seth    R    196
Rep. Hahn, Marcia     R     138
Rep. Harhart, Julie     R   183
Rep. Helm, Susan       R    104
Rep.  Hennessey, Tim    R    26
Rep.  Hess, Dick      R   78
Rep.  Hutchinson, Scott   R     64
Rep.  Killion, Thomas  R     168
Rep.  Knowles, Jerry  R     124
Rep.  Marsico, Ron      R   105
Rep.  Metcalfe, Daryl R     12
Rep. Miller, Ron          R    93
Rep.  Pickett, Tina    R     110
Rep.  Rapp, Kathy    R             65
Rep. Saylor, Stan    R       94
Rep.  Smith, Sam    R       66
Rep. Stephens, Todd       R     151
Rep. Stern, Jerry    R     80
Rep. Stevenson,Richard   R    8
Rep.  Taylor, John   R    177
 Rep.  Toepel, Marcy   R   147
Rep.  Toohil, Tarah      R    116

Sen.       Argall, David     R      29
Sen.       Baker, Lisa    R    20
Sen.       Browne, Patrick     R     16
Sen.       Earll, Jane    R    49
Sen.       Eichelberger, John   R    30
Sen.       McIlhinney,Charles  R    10
Sen.       Piccola, Jeffrey  R      15
Sen.       Robbins, Robert D.   R    50


The following legislators have not publicly rejected membership in ALEC:

Office  Name Party  District
Rep. Aument, Ryan R 41
Rep. Barbin, Bryan D 71
Rep. Benninghoff, Kerry R 171
Rep. Bishop, Louise Williams D
Rep. Bloom, Stephen R 199
Rep. Bradford, Matthew D
Rep. Brooks, Michele R 17
Rep. Brown, Rosemary R 189
Rep. Brown, Vanessa Lowery D
Rep. Burns, Frank D
Rep. Carroll , Mike D
Rep. Causer, Martin R 67
Rep. Christiana, Jim R 15
Rep. Conklin, Scott
Rep. Costa, Paul
Rep. Creighton, Tom R 37
Rep. Cruz, Angel D 180
Rep. Culver, Lynda Schlegel R 108
Rep. Curry, Lawrence D
Rep. Cutler, Bryan R 100
Rep. Davidson, Margo D
Rep. DeLissio, Pamela D
Rep. DeLuca, Anthony D
Rep. Denlinger, Gordon R 99
Rep. DiGirolamo, Gene R 18
Rep. Donatucci, Maria D
Rep. Dunbar, George R 56
Rep. Ellis, Brian R 11
Rep. Emrick, Joe R 137
Rep. Evankovich, Eli R 54
Rep. Evans, Dwight D
Rep. Farry, Frank R 142
Rep. Fleck, Mike R 81
Rep. Galloway, John D 140
Rep. Gergely, Marc D
Rep. Gillen, Mark R 128
Rep. Gillespie, Keith R 47
Rep. Hackett, Joseph R 161
Rep. Haluska, Gary
Rep. Hanna, Michael
Rep. Harris, C. Adam R 82
Rep. Heffley, Doyle R 122
Rep. Hickernell, David R 98
Rep. Kampf, Warren R 157
Rep. Kauffman, Rob R 89
Rep. Kavulich, Sid Michaels D
Rep. Keller, Fred R 85
Rep. Keller, Mark R 86
Rep. Kirkland, Thaddeus D
Rep. Kortz, William D
Rep. Krieger, Timothy R 57
Rep. Kula, Deberah D
Rep. Lawrence, John R 13
Rep. Maher, John R 40
Rep. Maloney, David R 130
Rep. Mann, Jennifer D
Rep. Marshall, Jim R 14
Rep. Masser, Kurt R 107
Rep. McGeehan, Michael D
Rep. Metzgar, Carl Walker R 69
Rep. Miccarelli, Nicholas R 162
Rep. Millard, David R 109
Rep. Milne, Duane R 167
Rep. Mirabito, Rick D
Rep. Moul, Dan R 91
Rep. Mullery, Gerald D
Rep. Murt , Thomas R 152
Rep. Myers, John D 201
Rep. Neuman, Brandon D 48
Rep. O'Neill, Bernie R 29
Rep. Oberlander, Donna R 63
Rep. Parker, Cherelle D
Rep. Payne, John R 106
Rep. Peifer, Michael R 139
Rep. Perry, Scott R 92
Rep. Petri, Scott R 178
Rep. Preston, Joseph D
Rep. Pyle, Jeffrey R 60
Rep. Quigley, Thomas R 146
Rep. Quinn, Marguerite R 143
Rep. Reed, Dave R 62
Rep. Reese, Mike R 59
Rep. Roae, Brad R 6
Rep. Rock, Todd R 90
Rep. Ross, Chris R 158
Rep. Sabatina, John D
Rep. Saccone, Rick R 39
Rep. Santoni, Dante D
Rep. Simmons, Justin R 131
Rep. Smith, Ken D
Rep. Smith, Matthew D
Rep. Sonney, Curtis R 4
Rep. Staback, Edward D
Rep. Swanger,RoseMarie R 102
Rep. Tallman, Will R 193
Rep. Tobash, Mike R 125
Rep. Truitt, Dan R 156
Rep. Vereb, Mike R 150
Rep. Vulakovich, Randy R 30
Rep. Waters, Ronald D
Rep. Watson, Katharine R 144
Rep. Wheatley, Jake D
Rep. Youngblood, Rosita C. D
Sen. Alloway, Richard R 33
Sen. Baker, Lisa R 20
Sen. Brubaker, Mike R 36
Sen. Gordner, John R 27
Sen. Mensch, Bob R 24
Sen. Pileggi, Dominic R 9
Sen. Rafferty, John R 44
Sen. Scarnati, Joseph R 25
Sen. Smucker, Lloyd R 13
Sen. Tomlinson, Robert R 6
Sen. Vogel, Elder R 47
Sen. Ward, Kim R 39
Sen. Waugh, Michael R 28
Sen. White, Donald R 41
Sen. White, Mary Jo R 21
Sen. Yaw, Gene R 23